Stock Machines

Manual Jig Grinders:

  • Moore No. 3 Precision Jig Grinder
  • Moore G-18 Precision Jig Grinder
  • Moore No. 2 Precision Jig Grinder
  • Completely Rebuilt Moore No. 3 Jig Grinder with .000010”, 2 Axis D.R.O.

CNC Jig Grinders:

  • Completely Rebuilt NASA AGS-3/Moore No. 3 CNC Continuous Path Jig Grinder
  • IN-THE-FIELD, CNC continuous path integrations
  • CNC, continuous path “BRIDGE TYPE” Jig Grinder


  • NASA 2031-G, high speed, CNC PRODUCER, with 6HP, 30 Taper, 30,000 RPM spindle


  • Acer Surface Grinder, model SUPRA 618 (NEW)